Love.Might.Kill - Biography

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL was founded in 2009 by GAMMA RAY-drummer MICHAEL EHRÉ. After touring all around the world with several bands (FIREWIND, ULI JON ROTH, VINNIE MOORE, KEE MARCELLO) and writing songs for German metallers METALIUM, Japanese female metal-vocalist SAEKO or ZED YAGO-founder JUTTA WEINHOLD, he realised his vision of an own band by writing, recording and producing LOVE.MIGHT.KILL´s debut album BRACE FOR IMPACT.

In addition with the brilliant Italian singer JAN MANENTI as a co-writer, longtime friends CHRISTIAN STÖVER and STEFAN ELLERHORST (who both played in German-based metal band CROSSROADS) on guitars, JOGI SWEERS on bass and former MOB RULES-keyboardist SASCHA ONNEN LOVE.MIGHT.KILL´s outstanding line-up was completed.

BRACE FOR IMPACT features 12 (the Japanese version 13) stunning melodic metal tracks in the tradition of the band´s longtime favourites like f.e. RAINBOW, JUDAS PRIEST, DIO or BLACK SABBATH. Michael´s production and MARKUS TESKE´s mix (SAGA, VANDEN PLAS, SPOCK´S BEARD) underlined the fact that LOVE.MIGHT.KILL´s debut album convinced all melodic metal maniacs all around the world. BRACE FOR IMPACT was released via MASSACRE RECORDS (Europe) and HYDRANT MUSIC (Japan).

In 2012 the band released their second album 2 BIG 2 FAIL, which followed the tradition of their first record. Like their debut it was released via MASSACRE RECORDS (Europe) and HYDRANT MUSIC (Japan) but also via eONE (USA) and got the best reviews all around the world.


JAN MANENTI - vocals
SASCHA ONNEN - keyboards

Brace For Impact-Tracklist:

01. Tomorrow Never Comes
02. Calm Before The Storm
03. Pretty Little Mess
04. Caught In  A Dream
05. Satans Den (Japan Bonus)
06. Through The Dawn
07. Brace For Impact
08. We Are The Weak
09. Down To Nowhere
10. Pray To Your God
11. Reach Out
12. The Answer
13. Will Love Remain

Brace For Impact-Release Dates:

Europe: June, 17th, 2011
Japan: November, 16th, 2011

2 Big 2 Fail-Tracklist:

01. Save My Soul
02. XTC
03. Burn The Night
04. The One
05. Restless Heart
06. Home
07. The Great Escape
08. Too Big To Fail
09. We Fall
10. The Big Screen Pleasure (And Pain)
11. Alone
12. The Perfect Mistake
13. Feed The Rage (Japan Bonus)

2 Big 2 Fail-Release Dates:

Europe: October, 19th, 2012
Japan: November, 07th, 2012
USA:  November, 13th, 2012